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Robert De Niro Calls Out Trump in New Biden Campaign Ad Titled ‘Snapped’

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Actor Robert De Niro lends his voice to a new President Joe Biden re-election campaign ad called “Snapped.”

In the 30-second video, De Niro calls out Donald Trump, referring to him as “out of control” and claiming the former U.S. President will stop at nothing to attain “revenge.” 

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The Academy-award winning Hollywood actor has spoken out many times against the former President, most recently calling Trump “stupid” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The video begins with De Niro discussing Trump’s run as President, making references to various controversies. “From midnight tweets to drinking bleach, to tear gassing citizens and staging a photo op, we knew Trump was out of control as President,” the actor remarks.

This narration is paired with pictures of Trump during his presidency, including his notorious photo op with a Bible in front of the Church of the Presidents after deploying federal forces to clear out protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death and subsequent fight against racial injustice.

De Niro then states that once Trump lost the 2020 election, he “snapped,” the words overlaying pictures of billowing “Trump 2020” flags on Jan. 6, 2021, when supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol building as Biden’s presidential victory was certified.

The ad switches towards the current election: “Now, he’s running again, this time threatening to be a ‘dictator’, to terminate the constitution.” 

The “dictator” comment references an incident in a Fox News town hall with broadcaster Sean Hannity in Dec. 2023, when Trump said he would not be a dictator—“except for day one,” he added. “Day one, the border gets closed. Day one and a half we drill—drill, baby, drill.”

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The new Biden ad also features footage of Trump on his own campaign trail. He warns: “If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath.”

As De Niro’s last words ring in the ad, more images of Trump supporters flash across the screen, including a pro-Trump crowd clashing with police and holding “Stop the Steal” flags.

“Trump wants revenge, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it,” De Niro finishes.

The final image is Biden, saluting United States troops. He says in a voiceover: “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.”

Actor Robert De Niro lends his voice to a new President Joe Biden re-election campaign ad called “Snapped.”