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Sirens and blasts sound across Israel

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The Israeli military has reported dozens of emergency alerts across the country amid Iranian drone and missile attacks

Explosions and emergency sirens are reportedly being heard across Israel after Iran launched waves of suicide drones and missiles to take revenge for an attack against its Damascus consulate earlier this month.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported shortly before 2am on Sunday that sirens were sounding across the country. Journalists with France’s AFP said they were also hearing blasts. There were no reports of casualties.

The reports came hours after the Iranian attacks began on Saturday evening. US and UK forces shot down more than 100 Iranian drones before they could reach Israeli airspace, according to the IDF.

“Together with our partners, the IDF is operating at full force to defend the state of Israel and the people of Israel,” military spokesman Danial Hagari said. “This is a mission that we are determined and ready to fulfill.”

❗️Israel air defense systems intercept multiple targets over Jerusalem — media pic.twitter.com/50uxMGUxT0

— RT (@RT_com) April 13, 2024

Tensions between West Jerusalem and Tehran have escalated since the Israel-Hamas war began last October. An April 1 missile strike killed seven Iranian military officers, including a top commander and his deputy, in Damascus.

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Israel & allies intercept incoming Iranian drones – media

Israel is preparing for several days of clashes with Iran, and an Israeli response to Saturday’s airstrikes is expected, local broadcaster KAN reported. Iran’s diplomatic mission to the UN suggested that Tehran may be satisfied with its retaliation for the attack on its Syrian consulate.

“The matter can be deemed concluded,” the mission said in a statement. “However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response bill be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the US must stay away.” The statement also noted that Saturday’s military action was carried out under Article 51 off the UN Charter, concerning the rights of nations to “legitimate defense.”

Blasts and sirens reportedly heard in Israel after Iran launches missiles and hundreds of drones Read Full Article at RT.com