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Aggregated News Articles from around the Nation and the World.  


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Tim Kaine: If I Mishandled Classified Info, There Would be Consequences

The perpetually scandal-prone Hillary Clinton has been involved in so many controversies in the last year that it’s become difficult to differentiate this week from the last. Now an embarrassing development has once again thwarted Clinton’s efforts to put her email scandal behind her. Now, it’s become necessary to clarify which email scandal is being discussed.


Bride poses for mugshot in her wedding dress after being arrested moments before she got married

Cecilia Siaw was hauled away from the ceremony where she was due to marry her German fiancé over immigration fraud offences


‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’ is out today and it’s totally worth playing



Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its 2009 sequel are both coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday.

If that matters little to you then you’re either not a fan — OK, that’s fine — or Ultimate Alliance is old enough that you don’t know what it is.

Think Diablo, a fantasy action game driven by the ever-present lure of sweeter, more powerful loot, only replace the magic and monsters with Marvel heroes and villains. That’s Ultimate Alliance.

Choosing from a pool of 20-plus Marvel heroes, you form your own super-team and take on a massive roster of super-villains and their cronies. As you punch your way to justice, you pick up baubles and alternate outfits that further power you up. Read more…

More about Activision, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Marvel, and Entertainment


Lindsay Lohan — Daddy Wants a Piece of Egor … After Weekend Fight (TEXT MESSAGES)

Lindsay Lohan’s father fired off a series of angry, threatening text messages to her fiance on the heels of the couple’s huge argument that had police rushing to their apartment.  TMZ obtained the texts Michael Lohan sent Egor…


France church attack: Priest killed in hostage-taking near Rouen

A priest is killed in a hostage-taking attack by two armed men at his church near Rouen, northern France – police say both assailants are dead.


France church attack: Priest killed in hostage-taking near Rouen

A priest is killed in a hostage-taking attack by two armed men at his church near Rouen, northern France – police say both assailants are dead.


First lady draws sharp portrait of Trump, without naming him

WASHINGTON (AP) — Without mentioning Donald Trump by name, first lady Michelle Obama stood before the Democratic convention on Monday and drew a sharp sketch of the Republican nominee that stood in harsh contrast to her gauzy portrait of Hillar…


History and hostility as Clinton ascends to nomination

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A glass ceiling is shattering at the Democratic National Convention as Hillary Clinton ascends to the presidential nomination with Tuesday's roll call of the states, making her the first woman to lead a major party …


Formula 1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-In-Law Is Kidnapped In Brazil

A reported abduction in Brazil is sending shock waves through the sporting world, as the mother-in law of the billionaire who runs Formula One is apparently being held for ransom.


7 logo designs which ended up looking a little bit rude – can you see why?

Whether it’s a questionable picture or just a hot mess, there’s a good reason why these logos went down like a lead balloon


McDonald’s sales edge up 1.8 percent in US in 2Q

McDonald’s sales edge up 1.8 percent at established US locations, falling short of expectations


South Sudan president replaces rival as vice president

South Sudan’s president replaces his deputy and opposition leader Riek Machar, who fled into hiding this month amid renewed clashes


Bangladesh police say 9 militants killed in raid in Dhaka

Police say they’ve raided a five-story building in Bangladesh’s capital used as a den for suspected Islamic militants, killing nine of them


Day 1: Democrats prove they can be dysfunctional, too

Here’s what you’ll be talking about Tuesday morning.




The cheeky reason people are carrying their huge dogs around in bags

They’re not as dainty as chihuahuas, but pet owners are still choosing to pop them over their shoulder


Shots Fired At University Hospital In Berlin

German police have said shots have been fired at a university clinic in the Steglitz district of Berlin.


Former North Lawndale basketball standout slain not far from high school

A former North Lawndale College Prep basketball standout was shot and killed Monday afternoon, not far from where he played and helped his team win the Public League title in 2009, according to police and his former coach. Jonathan Mills, 26, suffe…


Cake, a new bike and butterfly wings: Homecoming for 6-year-old girl shot last week

Anthony Morris bounded down the stairs and reached for his 6-year-old niece Tacarra, just home from the hospital. “You can’t pick her up,” the girl’s mother yelled. Children played around her. Morris paused. He wore a white hard hat and fluorescent…


How to Hatch Pokémon Eggs and Have a Great Run at the Same Time

While Pokémon Go is great for interval workouts
, it’s not always easy to play while you’re on a nice long run: the app under-counts the distance you travel, and sometimes turns off unexpectedly. Don’t let that stop you, though: you can still good workout in while you hatch some eggs—it just takes a few tweaks.

Read more…


Canada phasing out some oil railcars early

Daniel J. GraeberOTTAWA, July 26 (UPI) — Getting older rail cars that carry crude oil out of service quicker means eliminating the weakest link in the chain of safety, the Canadian government said.

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